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BBS Coaches and Athletic Faculty

Meet our dedicated and motivating coaches and athletic faculty

Our goal is to strive for excellence in athletics while embracing equity in opportunity, team camaraderie, good sportsmanship, and ethical conduct.

Joe Pope's headshot.
Athletic Director
Joe Pope
Varsity Football Head Coach's headshot.
Carter Cardwell
Varsity Football Head Coach
Varsity Golf Coach's headshot.
Coach Andrew Donahoo
Varsity Golf Coach
Varsity Football Coach's headshot.
Coach Bryce Davidson
Varsity Football Coach
Varsity Football Coach's headshot.
Coach Caleb Collier
Varsity Football Coach
Varsity Boy's Soccer Head Coach's headshot.
Coach Dustin Walker
Varsity Boy's Soccer Head Coach
Varsity Cross Country Head Coach's headshot.
Coach Eric Garner
Varsity Cross Country Head Coach
Varsity Girls Soccer Coach's headshot.
Coach Hobe Watkins
Varsity Girls Soccer Coach
Varsity Boy's Soccer Coach's headshot.
Coach Jason Owens
Varsity Boy's Soccer Coach
Varsity Football Coach's headshot.
Coach Jeff Stone
Varsity Football Coach
High School Strength Training 's headshot.
Coach Josh Rider
High School Strength Training
Varsity Girl's Soccer Coach's headshot.
Coach Liliana Rios
Varsity Girl's Soccer Coach
Varsity Football Coach's headshot.
Coach Mike Kirk
Varsity Football Coach
Athletic Trainer and Sports Medicine's headshot.
Kristy Murray
Athletic Trainer and Sports Medicine
Varsity Wrestling Head Coach's headshot.
Shane Turner
Varsity Wrestling Head Coach
Varsity Baseball Head Coach's headshot.
Taylor Gilley
Varsity Baseball Head Coach