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Nutrition and Meal Plan

Presented by Sage Dining Services


Boyd Buchanan School and Sage Dining are pleased to offer your student a community inclusive dining program. Every student will experience this exceptional dining program offered by Sage Dining.

All students enjoy their lunch in Roland Hall, and when the weather permits, students can have lunch in Phillips Courtyard.

The Boyd Buchanan lunch/dining program features quality service, an attractive variety of fresh menu offerings, and your student will progress quickly through the lunch lines. Sage Dining has put together new menus and wonderfully exciting theme meals to spice up the program at Boyd Buchanan School.


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Why Sage?

Delicious, Nutritious, and Made-From-Scratch


An important part of Sage Dining is our on-campus sustainable gardening practice called Blue Thumb Gardens. Safe and healthy meals start with education. Our in-house chef works with our students and faculty to cultivate ingredients for healthy meals sourced from Blue Thumb Gardens, such as fresh eggs and a variety of vegetables.


Blue Thumb Gardens

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Dining Plan Fee Schedule 2016-17

PreK-K                  $450 annually          cost per meal = $2.68

Grades 1-2              $450 annually         cost per meal = $2.68

Grades 3-4              $750 annually         cost per meal = $4.46

Grade 5                  $775 annually         cost per meal = $4.61

Grades 6-8              $850 annually         cost per meal = $5.06

Grades 9-12            $890 annually         cost per meal = $5.30


 How do I pay for the dining plan? 


  •  If you are a monthly tuition payer, which is drafted through FACTS, this can be added to your monthly draft (contact Amy Tarpley in the business office)
  • You may pay through your PayNow account in RenWeb You may pay via check made out to Boyd Buchanan School
  • You may pay all at once, semi-annually, or monthly


If you have questions, please contact the Business Office at 508-2212.

BBS is a rare and special place! I am an alumnus of BBS. I now have three children attending. We are thrilled to be a part of this learning community!

Maria Sessions, Elementary Teacher

Boyd Buchanan is a family and has accepted my family from day one! We are blessed to be Buccaneers!

Eric Garner, Middle School Teacher and Coach

I love BBS! I have taught there 30 years and we are one big family.

Tina Lee, Faculty

I have truly seen God work at Boyd Buchanan as a student, a teacher, a parent, and an administrator. Mission-centered and Spirit led. I cannot begin to describe the impact Boyd Buchanan has had on my life and my family. I am proud to be a Buccaneer!

Renee Hood, High School Principal ('87 Alumni)

"The most beneficial part was that I pushed myself to take the AP and accelerated courses. I was very pleased to get to college with 17 credit hours, a whole semester under my belt! Dual enrollment completely paid off!"

Haley Kinser, Class of 2013

"The biggest thing BBS did was teach me study habits. The upper level classes that were offered taught me how to be dedicated to studying and has led me to being successful in college."

Grant Mathis, Alumni c/o 2010

"I was fully equipped with study skills and the ability to lead both inside and out of the classroom. Boyd taught me to expect more from myself and to continually push myself."

Andrew Peace, Alumni c/o 2012

"The teachers cared about us succeeding and doing well, without sacrificing good teaching for good grades. Some teachers taught exactly like professors at Lipscomb. My high school experiences really prepared me for college."

Margaret Rox, Alumni c/o 2012