BBS Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life at BBS

Chapel at BBS

Elementary School Chapel

Boyd Buchanan Elementary seeks to gently nurture the hearts and minds of God’s precious children. Daily Bible lessons, prayer times, weekly chapel services and monthly service opportunities facilitate a loving, spiritual climate. Students experience a “through the Bible” curriculum in their daily lessons that inspires and motivates a growing relationship with the Father.

Picture of Elementary School Chapel

Middle School Chapel

Chapel in the BBS Middle School is held on a weekly basis. Every Wednesday we gather together to worship God and hear a biblical lesson. We try to offer a variety of different chapels. We have “big chapel” where everyone is together for a speaker or skit, “split chapel” where the boys and girls are separate, and “singing chapel” where we spend the whole chapel in worship and songs. Our middle schoolers love to sing, which offers a very vibrant time of worship. Many of our students are involved in helping to lead in worship, scripture reading, and skits. At BBS, we believe that our Christian faith should be a part of our daily lives. Chapel is a great opportunity to encourage students to engage God during their week.

Picture of Middle School Chapel

High School Chapel

We have high school chapel each Wednesday morning for our students and faculty.  Twice a month we have chapel with all high school students and faculty together in one location. After a period of praise and prayer, led by both teachers and students, we have a teacher or guest speaker share a message from the word of God. Once a month we have “Menu” chapel where students choose from four different options:  all singing chapel, coaches corner chapel, movie clips chapel or solo chapel.  Once a month we have a split gender chapel with all girls meeting together and all boys meeting together. These chapels are usually led by our sports teams and their coaches or our clubs and their sponsors. It is not uncommon to have students come back after they have graduated and tell us how much they miss the chapel experiences at BBS.

Picture of High School Chapel