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Together We Serve

Boyd Buchanan School exists to glorify God and prepare students to walk with the Master. Community Service is not just a page in our handbook, it is the life we strive to live each day. Each school has a unique approach to community service.

Service is part of the Boyd Buchanan School mission and each school, each teacher and faculty member helps to create an environment centered around serving God by serving others.

There are many planned service projects throughout the year. In times of greater need, we often feel led to serve in unplanned ways among our school population or even the community. Boyd Buchanan is incredibly blessed to have such caring faculty and students who bring these opportunities to the school’s attention.


“Developing partnerships with neighboring schools, Businesses, and community members is imperative to effectively and wholeheartedly support our shared communities across the Chattanooga region.”

– Jill C. Hartness, President of Boyd Buchanan School


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Elementary School Service

Community Service - BBS Elementary


Each year, the BBS Elementary School commits to one service project per month. Parents, students and faculty all work together to help serve others in need. From donating water bottles to canned food, the work we do helps the community in a BIG way!


“Project H2O” – Please bring one bottled water to donate to the Chattanooga Community Kitchen.


Please bring $1 to donate to Lana’s Love Foundation ( to help Chattanooga area children with cancer and their families to have fun outings.


“We ‘Can’ Because We Care” – Please bring one can of food to donate to the Chattanooga Food Bank.


“Grateful” – Write thank you notes to area Firemen.


Christmas Project: The Forgotten Child” – Please bring one (new, unwrapped) child’s Christmas gift to donate to The Forgotten Child Fund.


“Grateful” – Write thank you notes to family.


“Home Away From Home” – Please bring an overnight toiletry item to donate to Chattanooga’s Ronald McDonald House (ex. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo).


“Grateful” – Write thank you notes to area policemen.


“Dollars For Dogs (& Cats)” – Please bring $1.00 to help buy dog and cat food for the McKamey Animal Shelter.


“Grateful” – Write thank you notes to teachers.

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Middle School Service

BBS MS Community Service


The Middle School engages in planned and unplanned projects throughout the year. Each Middle School student is required to earn service hours each quarter.


6th grade – 3 hours per quarter

7th grade – 5 hours per quarter

8th grade – 5 hours per quarter

The Service Club offers middle school students the opportunity to serve each week.

Every Wednesday travel by bus to NHC (National Healthcare of Chattanooga). At NHC, the students are paired with an elderly resident who has asked for visitors. Many of the residents of NHC really enjoy and appreciate visitors. This is a great way for our students to learn from an older generation while sharing the encouragement and love of Jesus.

We believe that God has made us his sons and daughters so that we can care for those who are lonely and alone in this world. Friendship is one of the deepest desires of humanity. The time spent at NHC also counts toward each student’s required service hours for the school quarter.

We encourage all middle school students to take advantage of this great opportunity.

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High School Service


The High School engages in planned and unplanned projects throughout the year. Each Middle School student is required to earn service hours each quarter.


9th grade – 8 hours per quarter

10th grade – 8 hours per quarter

11th grade – 8 hours per quarter

12th grade – 8 hours per quarter

Students are given many opportunities for service throughout the year. As a part of our Bible curriculum, high school students go into the community with their Bible classes once each semester to serve in various ways.

Some of the specific service projects done by our Bible classes in recent years include:  preparing a Mexican feast for 25 women and children living at the Room in the Inn, spending time with children with special needs at the Signal Center, stacking and sorting food at the Chattanooga Food Bank, spending time with residents at the East Ridge Life Care Center & NHC Life Care Center, reading to children at the Chambliss Center & Avondale Head Start, raking leaves for the elderly, serving breakfast to those staying at the Ronald McDonald house, putting on a fashion show for Alzheimer’s patients at Morning Pointe, and helping to create toys for pets at the McKamey Animal Center.

By partnership with neighboring schools, students are given the opportunity to learn from and help each other socially and academically. In 2017 Brainerd High School and Boyd Buchanan formed a partnership to bring the students together to help and learn from one another.

In addition to service projects done through Bible classes, many students serve through clubs such as: Girls’ Service Club, Boys’ Service Club and the Key Club.

There are opportunities abound at BBS for students who want to be involved in community service.


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