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Boyd Buchanan School celebrates 70 years!

Boyd Buchanan School celebrates 70 years!

Did you know Boyd Buchanan School was originally founded in 1952 as the Chattanooga Bible School? It's hard to believe it has been around for now 70 years! It had been planned for almost a decade before the resources and students were available to start it. When the school opened on September 4, 1952 on Vine Street in downtown Chattanooga, it charged $3 per week as the fee for attendance and had 130 children in grades first through sixth.

In the summer of 1959, the school's board of directors changed the school name from the Chattanooga Bible School to Boyd Buchanan as way to emphasize that the education the children received was not just about the Bible; their education included everything they needed to prepare them for further education and life in general after they left the school.

The school moved to its current campus off of Moore Road in the fall of 1961. By 1978, Boyd Buchanan had extended its education program from PreK-12th grade. The upper school building was constructed in 1999–which relieved some of the extreme crowding in other facilities, and the new field house was finished in time for the fall of 2006.

There have been many more developments since then, such as the Athletic Complex, on-site coffee shop and new Softball and Baseball fields (in progress). Plans to build a new Fine Arts Center and campus renovation will begin this year.

Additionally, we have developed many different enrichment and service learning opportunities within the school. We are so proud of the growth and excellence this school has provided over the years and are so grateful for your continued support! 

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