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Fine Arts compose an essential part of the daily experience for students at Boyd Buchanan School. Students engage in visual and performing arts beginning in Pre-K and remain a part of the arts community through graduation.  
Each year, our arts communities gather in the spring to present our signature event, Arts a la Carte.  At Arts a la Carte, our visual students display their magnificent creations, while all music, theatre, and dance groups perform in venues across campus.  This unique event provides every arts student the chance to display their artistic abilities. 

In the lower school, students participate in weekly music lessons and visual art classes. Walking through the halls of the lower school, visitors will find student art lining the walls and at any given moment, singing fills the halls as students learn through the use of song.  

In middle school, students begin honing their musical skills in band and chorus, while continuing to learn more through our visual arts programs. 
As students move into high school, artistic opportunities abound in our visual and performing arts programs.  Musicals, marching band, dance class, and choral arts provide our young artists with the opportunity to showcase their talents.