Flu Shots on Campus

Nurse Melissa is very excited to announce that Boyd Buchanan School will be hosting our Flu Vaccination Clinic for our students and faculty on November 1st from 8:00am-11:00am in the Student Life Center. We are working with a team called Health Heroes who will be coming to our school to administer the flu vaccinations to all students whose parents wish for them to be vaccinated.

Please remember that this is a free clinic. You only provide insurance information for filing, and Health Heroes takes care of any unpaid fees that may be incurred. This is a resource for you and your family, and you may choose to participate or to opt out. All elementary students Pre-K3-5th grade will be required to have a parent or legal guardian with them to receive the vaccination. The vaccination is administered via injection only, no nasal mist vaccination is available this year.

You may contact Health Hero of TN – 326 Prairie St. North Union Springs, AL 36089.AL@healthherousa.com or by phone at 334-738-4840 if you have any questions. Should you have any questions for me please feel free to send an email to msmith@bbschool.org or call 423-622-6177 ext. 3254.

Please fill out the attached Vaccine Consent Form and have your child bring it with them to school byFriday, October 27th. There will be additional copies available in the elementary, middle, and high school offices.

Thank you for your support as we try to continuously offer services that benefit our students and families. We are hopeful that this will keep us all well during the flu season and eliminate a trip to the doctor’s office for your family.

Yours in Health,

Nurse Melissa