Guest Speaker Robert Hackenson

Speaker Schedule

Monday, Sept 18th

6:30 – 7:30pm Parent Night – all BBS parents invited

TUESDAY, Sept 19th

8:05 – 8:55am BBS Middle School
9:55 – 10:45am BBS High School 9th and 10th grade
12:20 – 1:10am BBS High School 11th and 12th Grade

Robert Hackenson Bio

Robert edutainer travels across the United States, Canada and around the world (as far as Australia) delivering educational and inspirational presentations to youth, college students, and professionals.

However, you will quickly see that this is anything but your typical lecture. His unique approach has earned him numerous appearances on PBS, FOX, NBC, CBS and other local tv stations and media outlets.

Get ready to be “edutained” as this speaker is a published author, professional Magician, Certified Hypnotist, and Master of Influence.

press announcement

Boyd Buchanan to Help Students Avoid “Social Media Landmines” with Edu-tainer Robert Hackenson

Cyber safety and magic do not typically go together, but on September 18th and 19th Boyd Buchanan parents and students will learn about social media safety in an interesting way.

“Helping students navigate today’s social media landscape is critical in a world where digital communications are paramount in both learning and daily life,” says President Jill C. Hartness.

Magician and “edu-tainer” Robert Hackenson Jr. will speak and engage BBS students on how to post and use technology. Hackenson’s presentation has allowed students across the country, in 46 states and counting, to see and understand what to post and what not to post.  

“We want to help our students to find balance in their technology usage, and defer them from cyber bullying, while also making them aware of how much social media can impact their reputations later in life, says Dr. Jennifer Warnack, Boyd Buchanan Middle School Principal. “Parents have to be more “in the know” when it comes to social media and how their children are using it, and students must be more self-aware of their actions on social media so they can protect themselves and their peers”, Dr. Warnack adds.

Hackenson’s presentation combines card tricks, props, and illusion to engage students while reinforcing the social media educational lessons. Every piece of magic, story, video clip, etc. is intended to deliver a memorable message without making light of this serious issue.

“Our goal is to start a new conversation amongst students and parents about social media safety and responsible posting,” adds Hartness.  

To book Rob Hackenson for an event contact us at 508-963-5555 or