TEACHER SPOTLIGHT: Thanks to Chattanooga Area Schools Credit Union for helping us to recognize Jeff Ingram, Boyd Buchanan Campus Minister, and Bible Teacher. Mr. Ingram was awarded $100 from the credit union and will be featured in a video produced by WFLI. Also, we want to send a BIG BUCCANEERS thank you to WFLI and their partnership with Chattanooga Area Schools Credit Union.

Tune into Friday Night Rivals on WFLI to learn more about Mr. Ingram’s outstanding work and service to our school during the Friday Night Rivals broadcast or in WFLI’s High School Sports Zone show at 10:30 pm on Friday.

Channel Line-up for Friday Night Rivals:

Charter:  6 (SD)

Comcast:  6 (SD),  435 (HD)

Dish:  7334 (HD)

EPB:  6 (SD),  306 (HD)

Dalton Utilities:  13 (SD),  213 (HD)

Ellijay TV:  13 (SD),  417 (HD)

Over-the-Air:  53.1 (HD)