Bucs Host PINK Out Theme at Next Home Game

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Did you know that breast cancer will affect 1:8 women? And that breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women? 

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and at the October 11th home football game (Buccaneers vs. Lookout Valley Yellow Jackets), we will honor those at every step of their breast cancer journey during halftime. Please forward names to Micki Winn at mwinn@bbschool.org by October 4th and please share names within our BBS family that we can honor. Our goal is to celebrate our thrivers & survivors and by doing so offer encouragement and hope to all who are in the audience that night.

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During the game, there will be many chances to show your support:

1 – Proceeds from the parking and gate will benefit the American Cancer Society

2 – A “pop-up” tent with lots of cool pink items for purchase

3 – Pink lemonade available for purchase at the concession stand

4 – The Bucs Store will be selling pink items the whole month of October for $5, including pom poms, Pure Vida bracelets, socks, headband/sweatband, sling bag, cups. For $25, we will bundle these items in a sling bag!

Let’s commit October 11th to Breast Cancer Awareness and turn “Buccaneer Blue” into “Buccaneer Pink”. GO BUCS!