Hayes Wood is a Scoring Machine [via WDEF]

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Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Scoring ain’t easy in soccer, unless your Hayes Wood.
The Boyd Buchanan senior has already pumped home 15 goals in just eleven matches for the Bucs this season.

Said Boyd Buchanan head coach Dustin Walker:”He can truly change the game in one possession.”
That’s because Wood possesses the size, speed, and footwork all soccer coaches desire

Said Walker:”For him to be as quick laterally as he is and as fast. It’s a really cool combination.”

Said Boyd Buchanan senior Daniel Ingram:” He’s extremely unpredictable. You never know. Defenses never know what Hayes is going to do. It takes playing a long time with him to know.”

Against Notre Dame last week, Wood scored four goals.

Said Walker:”I’ll look over and say how many goals does Hayes have? They’ll be like four. Oh. We should probably get him out you know.”

Said Wood:”If I scored four, I probably played pretty good, but I mean usually it’s just may teammates got me in those spots to score goals, so I’m not thinking that I did anything too special.”

Said Walker:”What has been cool is that he does draw so much attention that I think he had five assists the other day. I don’t think he scored. He had five assists.”

Coach Walker says Wood’s desire to win may top his talent.

Said Walker:”He got fouled at one point and looked over at the bench. All of us got a little bit intimidated because he had that. The Wood’s have a signature look, and he had that look on his face. We’re like oh. He’s going to do this you know.”

Reporter:”A Pat Summitt stare?”

Said Walker:”Yes! That’s exactly what it is. You don’t want to look at it. You don’t want to see it. Don’t make eye contact.”
Wood is headed to play college ball at Lipscomb.

Said Walker:”Lipscomb went to the Sweet 16 last year in the D-One, NCAA tournament. They’re playing at such a high level, so for them to want Hayes that bad is a real compliment to Hayes.”

Reporter:”What was it their coaches told you that they liked about you as a soccer player?”

Said Wood:”They just liked my dribbling like being dangerous and stuff like that.”

Reporter:”Do you feel dangerous?”

Said Wood:”I mean I guess so. (chuckles)”