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Academic College-Prep • Athletics • Mission Trip • Chapel • Community Service

BBS High School offers students a wide variety of academic courses in all disciplines and full of intellectual rigor. The college preparatory program provides students with the opportunity to receive college credit through advanced placement and dual enrollment courses.

Camaraderie, “Buccaneer” team-spirit and social development start to take shape through extra curricular activities and community service projects. From robotics to our athletic programs, from service projects to musical performances, there is a way for every student to grow and transform into anything they want to be.


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Service, Adventure, Interest, Leadership

SAIL is an extra-curricular program for high school students, designed to set time aside for students and teachers to engage in interest-based, non-traditional, hands-on educational experiences and activities. SAIL will allow students to tie several learning concepts from past and current courses into one engaging experience, as well as create lifelong memories. Courses can range from on-campus activities, mission-based opportunities, and domestic or international travel.

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